Photo by Brian Park

SpacePublic is the portfolio page of Ella Overkleeft. She’s a concept developer, strategist and curator.
With an unconventional mindset and trust in the power of the collective, she is as much an activist as a spiritualist. SpacePublic came to be through her creation and involvement in an array of different social innovative projects. Within her work, she practices the power of creativity and changes environments by empowering individuals, communities and at the very best, us humans as a whole.

Ella did not only develop herself as an expert in the social domain, even more so, she developed strong ideals for herself. Her work led her to traveling around the world and meeting people from different layers of society. It’s no surprise her network is just as diverse and stretches from policy makers and project developers to nightclub owners and independent artists. Needles to say, Ella is a chameleon of many colors. Her open-mind and honest personality fits in any crowd. Ella created SpacePublic to develop a clear vision of these influences and her mind to contribute to the betterment of society on a global scale.

About: SpacePublic
Art & Culture for social innovation

SpacePublic aims to push things forward through art and cultural projects. The studio believes in the power of wonderment and imagination. The heart and soul of contributing to the greater good of humanity. Whether it’s the development of a concept or strategy, curating an event or transforming a building, the approach is always holistic. 

Due to technological developments and globalization, we are constantly aware of what happens around the world. In fact, the increasing complexity of the human society is bringing forth a new type of consciousness. This new collective consciousness is emerging as a need for us to think in an integrated synergistic fashion for us as one of the species here at this little blue dot. We are social beings and cannot live a healthy life without human interaction. In these current times we are redefining our connection with the space around us, and everything in it.

By utilizing arts and culture, SpacePublic stimulates social innovation within our environments; acting on how the public relates to their space. This can be strengthened, researched and evolved, by the means of art, culture and social initiatives. It’s crucial, that within our changing world, civil society keeps playing an active role in our evolution: to empower and enhance our human potential.